The founders. Two backgrounds united into one mission.

Emanuele Scappini is a second generation kiln commissioning engineer. He received his education at the Technology Institute of Perugia, Italy. He specialized in automation, control systems and combustion technology. In addition to his formal education, he is guided by the vast knowledge he has received over the years from his father, Sergio, and his endless dedication to improving technical solutions. After many years of experience in designing and assembling automatic control panels for a major Italian kiln manufacturer (Forni Ficola), Emanuele founded KTS in 2011.

Mauro Iovine is a citizen of the world. After specializing in economics and accounting in high school, he graduated in foreign languages at the University of Perugia, Italy. Scholarships offering the opportunity to study in various European countries (Netherlands, Belgium and Germany) during university, and the knowledge of 5 languages, paved the way towards a career with deep, wide-reaching international connections. After many years working as sales and export manager for a major Italian kiln manufacturer (Forni Ficola), Mauro founded I.M.International in 2012.

Customer satisfaction. A common goal in the creation of a new company.

Mauro and Emanuele have been working in the same field for more than 15 years and dealing with customers all over the world. While Mauro was striving to understand customers’ needs, Emanuele was taking care of the final stages and commissioning the machines. Professionalism and fair dealings have always been Mauro and Emanuele’s keys to achieving complete customer  satisfaction. A common goal in the creation of a new company.

The new company. Commitment beyond firing technology.

KTS and I.M. International joined forces and expanded their potentials founding KTS International Srl in 2014. The newly-created company is the continuation of years of experience in the design and manufacture of kilns, dryers, equipment and controls. KTS International also specializes in providing energy-efficient systems, complete refurbishing (combustion, insulation and control), machinery software updates, scheduled maintenance programs, technical service, spare parts and consultation.  With its skilled and experienced engineering and design staff, KTS International is the ideal partner for reliability and flexibility in supplying high-quality products and services in the field of heat treatment for all ceramic sectors. KTS international offers its clients technical and technological support while never losing sight of the human element. This business approach takes the company’s commitment well beyond firing technology.