Design. Fundamentals of a successful project.

KTS International is a dynamic company involving its design department starting from the sales phase. Projects are developed taking all detailed requests of customers into consideration. This allows to manufacture custom sized kilns according to specific needs and fitting in the available space. Once the orders come into force all production processes, from the framework to the insulation, from combustion installation to the electric wiring, will strictly follow the detailed CAD drawings developed by the design department.

Framework. The distinctive design of a heavy duty machine.

In KTS International the framework of the kiln is considered as an important part the machine. It has to support an important weight and resist to very stressful working factors, such as high temperature, dilatation, corrosion etc. For these reasons there’s no space for compromises. Solidity and quality are the first options, by choosing heavy steel profiles to insure structural efficiency and stainless steel for the parts subject to corrosion. A well done assembling of these materials contribute to the distinctive design of a heavy duty machine.

Insulation. KTS International doesn’t play with fire.

A heat treatment machine cannot be safe and well performing without a good insulation. That’s why KTS International doesn’t play with fire. Temperatures up to 1500°C- 2732°F need to be sealed inside a insulated chamber designed with lowest heat transmission towards the external parts. High quality insulating materials and long experience in kiln manufacturing are the base elements for offering the best insulation solution for any specific request of working temperature, products to be fired and other environmental conditions.

Combustion. The heart of a KTS International kiln.

Designing the correct combustion installation of the kiln means having a very long experience and deep knowledge of not only the heat treatment process itself. Aside of a reliable and powerful combustion installation, many other technical factors are involved. From the firing cycle to load density, from the working temperature to the kiln chamber atmosphere, all installed components of the combustion installation totally respond to the project parameters. The combustion installation is the heart of a KTS International kiln and it’s designed for long lasting and best performance.

Control. Reliability and efficiency at highest level.

Power is nothing without control. KTS International concentrates on this part of the kiln the total knowledge in the field of ceramic sintering acquired for decades. It’s the most technological part involving the work and experience of our commissioning and software engineers, constantly committed to move to further challenges. New technologies and experience achieved in factories across the world are the keys leading KTS International to manufacture very modern and complex control systems, insuring both reliability and efficiency at highest level.

Shipping. On the way towards final destination.

When the manufacture of kiln is done the job is still not completed. The kiln needs an accurate packing to avoid damages during handling and transportation. The insulation of the kiln in particular has to be protected and supported. Moreover kiln’s sections can weight up to 10 tons, requiring important lifting means and qualified personnel for loading. Sensitive electric and electronic parts are sealed and packed in wooden crates in order to insure max. protection during land and sea transportation, on the way towards final destination.

Commissioning. Handover of the best performing kiln.

When the kiln has reached the installation site it’s time for our assembling and commissioning team to come into action. Mechanical assembling, electric wiring, coordination to each connection (gas, electricity, chimney) all passages are executed with great attention and constant cooperation  and information exchange with the customer. Before commissioning of the kiln, a check list of all safety tests is processed. Furthermore, each kiln is adjusted according to specific parameters related to the product to be fired and consequently to the firing curve, the chamber atmosphere and pressure, etc. The experience in commissioning kilns for any ceramic production allows the KTS International commissioning engineers to fine-tune the machine and handover the best performing kiln.