Design. Fundamentals of a successful project.

KTS International is a dynamic company involving its design department starting from the sales phase. Projects are developed taking all detailed requests of customers into consideration. This allows to manufacture custom sized dryers according to specific needs and fitting in the available space. Once the orders come into force all manufacturing phases, from the framework to the insulation, from the combustion installation to the electric wiring, will be processed in accordance to the drawing work of a dynamic and professional engineering team.

Framework. Flexible and assembling friendly.

In KTS International the framework of the dryer is considered as an important part the machine. It has to be flexible to adapt to the desired installation room, easy to assemble and corrosion resisting. For these reasons there’s no space for compromises. Solidity and quality are the first options, by choosing galvanized steel profiles to insure structural efficiency and corrosion resistance. Assembling phases are coordinated by our skilled technicians.

Insulation. First class insulating panels.

A heat treatment machine cannot well performing without a good insulation. For every specific drying process the best insulating panels are used according the process temperature. High quality insulating materials are used for the ductworks contributing to a reduce energy consumption and best thermal energy distribution.

The Zephyr dryer. A total control drying concept.

The Zephyr dryer is KTS International’s top heat treatment machine for the drying process of all ceramic materials, especially the most critical shapes and sizes. The base concept is the total control of important parameters such as temperature, humidity and airflow speed through accurate ductwork distributions, heat treatment units and series of motorized valves.  With this concept the Zephyr dryer allows to shorten drying cycles and increase the output even when drying ceramics of complex shapes and big sizes.

Control. ADS, Advanced Drying System.

The Zephyr Dryer can achieve the maximum result if managed by the ADS, the advanced drying system control panel. The ADS control panel is a concentration of latest technology applied to the ceramic drying process. All parameters are processed by a specific software installed in a PC-PLC system controlling temperature, humidity, airflow speed, valves regulation and involving inverter technology. The system can be connected to internet for remote control and maintenance. The Special K-Dryer application for smartphones and tablets can make this control system suitable for monitoring and receiving alarm notifications on mobile devices.