Refurbishing. New life to old kilns.

With its deep and complete knowledge of kiln fabrication KTS International can offer qualified refurbishing projects, especially for Forni Ficola kilns. All parts of the kiln can be taken into consideration for this kind of intervention. From the mechanical parts (framework, doors, exhaust hoods, cars etc.) to the insulation (cars, walls,  ceiling) to the control panel (hardware and software). For Forni Ficola kilns original spare parts are available (burners, refractories, electronic parts etc.). At the final stage of the refurbishing program KTS technical engineers will hand over the kiln to the customer and release a commissioning protocol accompanied by good performance guarantee.

Cars handling. More capacity, easier working conditions.

Ceramic manufacturers often have to face problems related to moving products and kiln cars inside their facilities. KTS International can offer automated custom solutions for specific cars handling needs. Improving cars handling can mean increasing production capacity while creating easier working conditions.

Energy saving. Recovery systems for heating and drying.

A ceramic manufacturing plant consumes a lot of energy. Especially the drying and the firing department absorb the biggest part of this cost. KTS International has always focused research and development on this critical issue, creating systems to recover energy from the waste exhausts. For each situation KTS International can offer specific products according to the customers equipment and requirements. The recovered heat can be used for warming up the factory during the cold season or convoyed to a dryer. Recovery systems can be direct, indirect or both with complete automatic control of time and temperature.

Control updates. From past to future.

Electronic parts installed in the kiln control panels can be hard to replace after some years when they’re not available on the market anymore. Moreover technology is moving fast providing constantly new possibilities and higher performances. KTS International offers a wide range of products and services for updating obsolete controls, permitting to use an old kiln with latest technology. The new installed controls are reliable, user friendly and allow perfect management of the firing process. Several options for remote control through internet are available, among which the ultimate special application for smartphones and tablets. This is a very useful tool for monitoring and receiving alarm notifications on mobile devices, projecting the old kiln from the past to the future.